Pre-apprenticeship integration programme

For advanced learners

In the integration pre-apprenticeship, young people and young adults with a migration background who have advanced language and professional skills can prepare themselves even more specifically for a vocational apprenticeship. Those doing an integration pre-apprenticeship at the BFO attend the vocational school for three days during one year and work in a company for two days in order to learn the basic professional skills. The participants are selected by the BFO together with the Upper Valais Vocational, Study and Career Counselling Centre (= BSL).

Recognised refugees and temporarily admitted persons require a work permit to work in a company during the integration pre-apprenticeship.

The integration pre-apprenticeship of the BFO is part of a national pilot programme, which aims to improve the integration of recognised refugees and temporarily admitted persons as well as persons from EU/EFTA and third countries in the long term.

For more information about this offer and the registration procedure, please contact the Upper Valais Vocational School (= BFO) in Visp: 027 606 08 00.